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Snowmobile Assist Backcountry Skiing

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Get ready for an epic snow adventure that will take you away from the crowds and give you the chance to experience jaw-dropping landscapes and heart-thumping thrills as you make your way up the San Juan Mountain aboard a snowmobile as you ski your way down.

Our expert guides will take you to secret spots, far away from the lift lines and the crowds, allowing you to ski through the backcountry and get your thrills without interruptions. The best part? You won't have to hike for a day to get to the good slopes! We'll drive you up the mountain aboard powerful snowmobiles so you can focus on enjoying the ride and preparing for the adventure to come.

With top-notch gear, expert guides, carefully selected routes, and trusty snowmobiles, you can leave the logistics to us and focus on having fun. Don't let this winter slip away without experiencing the thrill of this backcountry excursion. Join us in the kind of skiing experience you've only fantasized about – until now.

What's Included

Shovel & Probe
Ski Equipment

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to ski at my own pace, or do I need to keep up with my group?
Our tours are tailored to allow participants to ski at their own pace. Whether you're a speed demon or prefer a more leisurely descent, we've got you covered.
What makes this tour different from other skiing tours in the area?
This tour gives you the chance to ski away from crowded slopes by taking you deep into the San Juan Mountains, where you'll explore hidden gems that few others get to see.
I've never ridden a snowmobile before; can I still join the tour?
No worries! Our guides provide thorough instruction, and the snowmobiles are easy to handle. It's a fantastic opportunity for beginners to try something new and exciting.

Quick Facts


8h 00min

There is no minimum age to participate in this tour.





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