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Climb & Hike Tours in Southwest Colorado

Southwest Colorado, a region including Telluride, Ouray, Silverton, and Durango, stands as a premier destination for rock climbing, ice climbing, and mountaineering. Each of these areas offers unique experiences, making it an ideal playground for climbers of all levels.

Rock Climbing in Southwest Colorado

The region is a rock climber's paradise, with each area presenting its unique charm. Ouray, known as the 'Switzerland of America,' is famed for its scenic box canyons and diverse climbing routes. Silverton, surrounded by the San Juan Mountains, offers climbers a more secluded and raw experience, with routes that traverse through rugged terrain.

Durango, while often celebrated for its historical and cultural heritage, also boasts a variety of climbing spots that range from beginner-friendly to challenging. In Telluride, climbers can enjoy high-altitude routes on conglomerate and granite in summer, and sun-baked sandstone in winter. Essential gear and guides are provided making these climbs accessible for both novices and experienced climbers. And while not technically rock climbing, Via Ferrata is an amazing way for beginners to feel the thrill of being on the rock face and harnessed up.

Ice Climbing Experiences

Southwest Colorado is also renowned for its ice climbing opportunities, particularly in areas like Ouray and Telluride. Ouray Ice Park, one of the most significant ice climbing venues in the world, offers a controlled environment perfect for beginners and experts alike. Telluride is ideal for novice and intermediate climbers, offering routes with varying levels of difficulty to match each climber's comfort.

Technical Summiting and Mountaineering

For mountaineering enthusiasts, Southwest Colorado's peaks present exhilarating challenges. Telluride, for instance, is surrounded by impressive mountains like the 14,017-foot Mount Wilson, offering technical climbs with permanent snowfields and breathtaking views. You can have a private, customized trip to get the gear and guides you need to get to the top of these babies. Many of these climbs require essential gear such as harnesses, helmets, ropes, and experienced guides.

In conclusion, Southwest Colorado is a climber's haven, offering a comprehensive range of experiences from rock climbing and ice climbing to technical mountaineering. With its diverse terrain and stunning landscapes, the region promises unforgettable adventures for climbing enthusiasts.

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