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Half Day Silverton Jeep Tour

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The classic half-day Silverton Jeep Tour. Journey through Colorado's San Juan Mountains with the Silverton's Ghost Town Tour. This jeep adventure takes you along the scenic Alpine Loop, where rugged trails offer awe-inspiring views of the mountainous landscape. As you traverse these paths, prepare for a thrilling ride that combines the beauty of nature with a deep dive into history.

Don't worry about white knuckle driving. You get to enjoy the views in an open-air vehicle while our local drivers lead you to their favorite viewpoints.

The tour brings to life the era of the gold rush, visiting several ghost towns that emerged during this booming period. These abandoned settlements, with their desolate buildings and mines, offer a unique window into the past. You'll walk through the remnants of a once-thriving mining community, imagining the daily lives of miners and their families who chased dreams of fortune in these mountains.

Suitable for history buffs, nature lovers, Jeep fanatics and adventure seekers alike, this tour is a perfect blend of excitement, education, and natural beauty. It's an opportunity to connect with Colorado's rich mining heritage set against the backdrop of its stunning, wild landscape.

What's Included

Jeep Ride
Amazing Scenery!

Quick Facts


8h 00min

There is no minimum age to participate in this tour.



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