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San Juan Mountaineering

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Ascend to the sky as you hike, climb, and traverse ruggedd landscapes adorned with alpine meadows, glacial lakes, and dramatic ridgelines. Test your limits as you navigate technical routes providing an unrivaled blend of challenge and awe-inspiring vistas of the San Juan Mountains. With a dozen peaks over 14,000 feet and 300 over 13,000 feet, the spectacular San Juan Mountains are undoubtedly the finest range in the state for a truly world-class experience.

Whether your a seasoned mountaineer or a novice seeking to conquer new heights, our diverse range of routes caters to all skill levels and ambitions. Led by highly experienced guides with an intimate knowledge of the terrain , each journey promises an unforgettable experience for the intrepid adventurer. Our expert guides prioritize meticulous planning, risk assessment, and adherence to industry-leading standards, ensuring a safe and rewarding adventure.

Indulge your passion for adrenaline and push the boundaries of possibility. Join us for a thrilling exploration conquering the San Juan Mountains most formidable peaks.

What's Included

Climbing Gear
Additional Safety Equipment Including First-Aid Kit
Highly Trained & Experienced Guide
Personal Attire for a day in the elements
Food (Snacks & Lunch)

Quick Facts


9h 00min

There is no minimum age to participate in this tour.





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