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2-Hour Guided Snowmobile Near Durango & Silverton

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Looking for a scenic winter adventure that doesn't take up too much time? This two-hour guided snowmobile tour near Durango, Colorado is a perfect way to take in the snow-covered landscapes and enjoy the crisp mountain air. Our family-friendly snowmobile tours cater to all ability levels as you cruise the groomed trails and easygoing riding. Great for younger riders, beginners, first dates, team-building exercises or a spontaneous winter ride.

The tours begin at base camp on the top of Molas Pass. Experienced guides lead you through the pristine snowscape while safety and comfort are emphasized at every juncture. Double snowmobiles accommodate guests who wish to ride as passengers.

Why Book This Tour?

  • Brand New Polaris Snowmobiles for safety and guaranteed quality
  • Highly trained and friendly guides show you the best spots and there in case you get stuck or have any issues along the way
  • Great location easy to get to near Durango and Silverton
  • Epic views of the San Juans as you ride up to 12,000 feet!
  • Short enough to leave you time for other activities in the day

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What's Included

2-Hour Guided Snowmobile Tour
Helmet & Goggles
Friendly & Knowledgeable Guide
Base Insurance (optional upgrade available)
Snowmobile Clothing
Optional Gratuities

Frequently Asked Questions

Is snowmobiling safe?
Snowmobiling, an exhilarating outdoor sport, carries inherent risks and the possibility of injury. While not inherently dangerous, no trustworthy outfitter will claim it's entirely safe. With that said YOU can massively shape the amount of risk you take and significantly decrease the chance of any issues. Follow guide instructions, drive in control and ride in designated areas that will reduce or eliminate any exposure to avalanche terrain. It's illegal and prohibited to use alcohol or drugs before or during the trip. Participants under the influence will be excluded from the trip without a refund.
Can we have two riders per snowmobile?
Yes, most of our tours allow for a second passenger to ride along for a small additional fee. The weight maximum for one sled is 400 lbs so if the two riders exceed that limit you will need to be switched to individual sleds (and charged accordingly). The Backcountry Tour is for single rider sleds only.
What elevations will we be snowmobiling at?
We ride in the 10,000 to 12,000 foot elevation range, which means over 300 inches of snow a year and epic San Juan mountain views.
Do you recommend we share a snowmobile or get our own?
It's a great question and it depends on what you want to get out of the experience. Perhaps you are newly in love and you like the idea of being snuggled up to your partner and able to talk while riding and share the exact same fun and wonderful moments together. The downside is the snowmobile is less maneuverable and much more difficult to take anywhere off-groomed if you have two riders and lets face it, it is never as much fun to be the rider than the driver. So if you're looking for more throttle thrills, freedom and agility and independence then we definitely recommend getting your own sled for the optimal experience.
What is the minimum age to drive a snowmobile?
You must be 16 with a valid drivers license to drive a snowmobile. If you will be a driver with a passenger, you must be 18+. All riders must be at least 4 years of age.
What should I wear for a snowmobile tour?
Wear your ski and snowboardclothing or winter weather clothing: snow pants, jackets, boots, gloves and warm layers. We provide helmets. Goggles are required and are available for purchase on-site or bring your own. We also recommend you bring water and snacks for the trail and sunscreen if a sunny day.

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2h 00min

The minimum age for participants is 4 years old.



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