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The Top 8 Climb & Hike Tours in Telluride

Telluride is home to a diverse range of hiking and climbing experiences that cater to enthusiasts of all skill levels. Whether you're looking to stroll in the mountains for a few hours, conquer your fear of heights on a Via Ferrata route, learn to rock climb or get out on the winter ice, you can find the top rated climbing tours in Telluride, Ouray and the surrounding region here.

As locals, we've tried and tested these tours to ensure we're bringing you the best of what is around.

Rock Climbing

This region is a year-round rock climbing haven, boasting high-altitude routes on conglomerate and granite during summer and sun-baked sandstone even in winter. The adventures are suitable for both novices or families looking for a first time adventure to experts that want us to do the heavy lifting of planning and setting you up for the big ascent. Essential gear like harnesses, shoes, chalk, helmets, and belay devices are provided.

Ice Climbing

Telluride is renowned for its ice climbing, featuring sites like Bridal Veil, Ice Hose, and novice routes in Ames. Tailored to all skill levels, the experience promises safety and fun with the difficulty matched to the climber's comfort level.


Take the gondola up and enjoy a range of beautiful hikes in Telluride. We cater to your hiking needs and can do everything from a "mild", "medium" or "spicy" to give you the exercise and incredible views your group deserves!

Technical Summits

14'ers & Technical Summits: Telluride features challenging climbs with breathtaking views, like the 14,017-foot Wilson Peak, known as the “Coors Can Peak” for its prominence. Other notable peaks include Mt. Wilson, the highest in Dolores county, offering a rugged climb with permanent snowfields, and El Diente, known for its jagged summit. For those seeking an epic adventure, the El Diente to Mt. Wilson link-up provides a thrilling skywalk. These climbs include essential gear such as harnesses, helmets, ropes, and guides. If you're simply looking for a relaxing day hike checkout our Hiking Options around Telluride.

We love helping people pick from the overwhelming number of options to get out on the right rock or ice climbing adventure. So whether you're a beginner feeling the first grip of rock under your fingers, or an experienced climber eyeing the challenging summits of Wilson Peak and El Diente we've got you covered.

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