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Ice Climbing Telluride - Full Day

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Escape on a journey to frozen waterfalls and ice-covered cliffs. Join us for an unforgettable day ice climbing in Telluride; a thrilling adventure that will push your limits and leave you craving more. Whether you're a seasoned climber or a newbie seeking a different winter activity, our Telluride ice climbing tour will give you a sense of accomplishment.

The Telluride region boasts an array of diverse climbs. From the renowned Ames Falls- great for beginners, to the famed Bridal Veil Falls, to the stunning Cornet Falls, to the adventurous Ames Ice Hose, you will find a wide selection of routes suitable for climbers of all levels and abilities.

Revel in the crisp mountain air among majestic ice formations with glistening ice walls and enjoy an enchanting winter realm where Narnia comes alive. As you ascend, the sound of ice tools striking the frozen surface reverberates, creating a rhythmic symphony of the climbing endeavor. The views from elevated ice pitches unveils Telluride's winter beauty and the pristine alpine scenery below. Led by an experienced mountain guide, you are met with the challenge of navigating the ice, requiring focus and skill. As you descend, a sense of accomplishment grows, leaving behind a day of exhilirating ice climbing memories that satisfy your Telluride adventure.

Why Choose Us?

Guides - Our guides are truly world class. Many spend their off-season in Chamonix looking to conquer their next peak. We're locals that are passionate about the outdoors and helping others experience what this incredible place has to offer. We do it safely, thoughtfully and offer an experience you won't forget.

Gear - All gear included. We've got you covered with ice axes, harnesses, crampons and helmets.

Reviews - Don't just take it from us, checkout our five star reviews on Tripadvisor to see the experience that others have received and you deserve!

What's Included

Technical Climbing Equipment
Personal Winter Clothing

Frequently Asked Questions

What skill level is required for the Telluride ice climbing tour?
Our tour is suitable for climbers of all levels, from beginners to advanced. Our guides will customize the experience to match your skill level and provide instruction accordingly.
How long does the tour typically last, and what's included in the cost?
Our full-day ice climbing tour usually spans approximately 6-8 hours, allowing for a comprehensive climbing experience. The tour cost covers professional guiding, equipment rental, transportation**, and optional photo service.
Is previous climbing experience necessary, and do I need to bring my own equipment?
No prior climbing experience is required. We provide all the necessary ice climbing equipment, including ice axes, crampons, helmets, and harnesses.
What should I wear for the ice climbing tour?
Dress warmly in layers to stay comfortable in changing mountain weather. We recommend moisture-wicking base layers, insulated clothing, and waterproof outer layers. Don't forget warm gloves and sturdy boots!

Quick Facts


5h 00min

The minimum age for participants is 10 years old.





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