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Backcountry Ski Touring In Telluride

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Offering backcountry ski excursions deep into the San Juan Wilderness or directly off of Telluride's ski area boundaries. Our world-class certified ski guides will help you find epic ski lines, making your trip to Telluride an unforgettable experience.

Imagine forging a path where no tracks exist gliding down slopes covered in fresh, untouched snow. Find solitude among the vast alpine meadows and rugged terrain stretching as far as the eye can see. You'll feel the excitement as you approach the summit and transition from uphill to downhill creating a sense of accomplishment and connection with the natural environment.

Rest assured, our Telluride Mountain Guides will be with you every step of the way to ensure your safety and positive experience. These local guides know these mountains well and have spent a lot of time in the field making daily observations to find the best possible terrain choices. They will navigate you safely through the San Juan snowpack teaching you avalanche safetly protocols and proper backcountry ski etiquette.

Backcountry Ski Zones Near Telluride

  • Lizard Head Pass - situated at an elevation of 10,246 ft, this easily accessible vast wilderness area offers a mix of open slopes and sheltered glades. Great for honing in your ski touring skills while taking in the grandeur vistas of the San Jaun Mountains.
  • Ophir Pass - The mecca for backcountry ski touring, the diverse terrain around the town of Ophir beckons adventurers making it an ideal spot for experienced backcountry travelers. Not for the faint of heart, the skin tracks are steep with multiple switchbacks requiring some previous skinning experience.
  • Side-country of Telluride Ski Resort - Purchase a lift ticket and get more elevation with less work leaving the ski area boundaries and entering uncontrolled avalanche terrain directly from Telluride Ski Resort.
  • Bear Creek - Higher consequence avalanche terrain with bigger lines for the adventurous and more experienced backcountry skier.
  • Multi-Day - We offer multi-day backcountry trips, avalanche safety courses, and snowmobile assist access into remote parts of the Lizard Head Wilderness.

Whether you're an experienced skier or new to backcountry skiing, we've got you covered. Join us for a fantastic adventure in the San Juan Mountains, where you'll experience the joy of backcountry skiing in the great outdoors.

The Details

After booking your full-day tour, we'll ask more questions to learn about your abilities and interests to ensure a meaningful day of backcountry skiing in Telluride. Need a ski touring set-up? We have rental packages available including boots, skis, splitboards, skins, and float packs.

What's Included

Avalanche Rescue Equipment (Beacon, Shovel & Probe)
Expert Guide
Transportation On Request
Personal Ski Clothing
Ski Touring Equipment (available for rent)
Backpack or Avalanche Air Pack (available for rent)

Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need vs. what do you provide?
We provide beacon, shovel and probe. Apart from that, you need all the typical equipment to stay warm, fed, hydrated and be able to tour up and down mountains in the backcountry.
How do I book a hut trip or snowmobile access trip?
Give us a call or email and we can walk you through the option. Book early as these fill up fast!
Does Avalanche Danger Exist?
Anytime you are outside the boundaries of a confined ski area, there is potential risk for avalanches. With that said, we methodically select the terrain for that day based on current conditions, avalanche forecasts, and observations. We prioritize your safety and avoid exposure to avalanche prone areas.
How much backcountry experience do I need to have?
You must have basic backcountry touring equipment (i.e. splitboard or skis that allow uphill travel + skins) and be a comfortable skier. But, you don't need any previous exprerience and our guides are great at helping introduce new skiers to the backcountry safely. If you're a pro, we love that too and can help you navigate safely to top spots in the area.
What is Backcountry Ski Touring?
Backcountry Ski Touring is any skiing or snowboarding that takes place off a resort, outside of the avalanche-mitigated, patrolled and controlled boundaries. You’ll find yourself on a wider array of snow surfaces, from the deep powder of your dreams, to chattery, bulletproof ice, to supremely fun “corn” snow. You travel uphill on ski touring specific equipment such as bindings that allow the heel to move up and down and skins that keep your skis from sliding downhill. For Snowboarders they use a tool called a splitboard, which is precisely that: a board that splits apart into two skis for going uphill, and fastens back into a snowboard for slashing your way down. Backcountry skiing unlocks a level of freedom not possible within the confines of a ski resort. It allows you to interface with nature more intimately with fewer distractions. It forces you to slow down and be fully present in the environment around you.

Quick Facts


6h 00min

The minimum age for participants is 16 years old.





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